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America's Pastime

Welcome to the home of Coon Rapids Baseball! This is the place for life after Little League. If you played for Coon Rapids / Andover American Little League OR Coon Rapids Cardinal Little League and live within the Coon Rapids High School boundaries......WE WANT YOU!!  Joining Coon Rapids Baseball enables our Coon Rapids ball players to continue their careers from the ages of 13 to 18 and will help to build a strong Coon Rapids Baseball family!  These relationships will last a lifetime so come along for the ride!  We can't do it without you!!

Payment Plan Corrections

For families on our payment plans, there was an error on SportsEngine’s processing software this morning, and the original processing dates were not removed correctly when they added our new processing dates.  We have already started processing refunds on the payments that went through today and you should see those refunds shortly. 

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and are working to get this resolved as soon as possible.

Coon Rapids Baseball thanks you for your support and looks forward to the return to normal soon!  HOLD ON TIGHT!


Due to the circumstances surrounding the coronavirus situation we are postponing the evaluations that were scheduled for March 28th. 

The evaluations mentioned here are for players registered for the 13U-19 age groups. 

As of right now, we don't have a date as to when the evaluations will be made up.  Along with evaluations, we will be postponing the remaining winter ball training sessions. 

We are continuing to monitor the situation and will communicate information as it deems necessary.

REFUNDS - We will have a plan in place soon IF Winter Ball Training and / or the Baseball Season is cancelled or compromised in any way.  Please understand the Baseball Board consists of just a few volunteers.  Our goal, once everything becomes more clear with regards to COVID-19, is to make sure our baseball community is refunded accordingly and as necessary.  Right now, we are in a holding pattern until we receive direction from Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (MYAS) and the facilities with which we use for training, practices, and games.  We THANK YOU for your patience and hope no steps will need to be taken because that will mean our kids are back on the field doing what they love! 

*Please contact Jason Halvorson at or 763-843-6609 if you have any questions.  

REMEMBER: Be kind to others, MORE THAN EVER, at this time!  We'll get through this together!

Coon Rapids Baseball thanks you for your support and looks forward to the return to normal soon!  HOLD ON TIGHT!



We are excited to open registration for the 2020 season!   Click the link below to register your child(ren) for another exciting season of Coon Rapids Baseball!

2020 Coon Rapids Baseball Coaches Registration

Our league runs on volunteers.  The Coon Rapids Baseball organization believes strongly that volunteer coaches are committed to the program and player development.  We need coaches at all age levels.  If you are interested in being a head coach, or assistant coach for our program, please fill out our Coach Application.


As we continue to grow, we would like to build a new digital photo wall to help celebrate all the great players from Coon Rapids Baseball, both past, and present!  

If you have any photos from the previous seasons, team activities, or just Coon Rapids Baseball photos in general, please get them over to us!  You can either e-mail photos to us OR tag us on Facebook or Instagram! 

We are so excited to begin showing the pride we have for our teams and our city, and it all starts with you!

Adding Photos?

If you have any pictures that you would like posted please email Coon Rapids Baseball.  Please provide a description.

Contact Coon Rapids Baseball