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America's Pastime

Welcome to the home of Coon Rapids Baseball! This is the place for life after Little League. If you played for Coon Rapids / Andover American Little League OR Coon Rapids Cardinal Little League and live within the Coon Rapids High School boundaries......WE WANT YOU!!  Joining Coon Rapids Baseball enables our Coon Rapids players to continue their careers from the ages of 13 to 18 and will help to build a strong Coon Rapids Baseball family!  These relationships will last a lifetime so come along for the ride!  We can't do it without you!!

2022 Player Registration - NOW OPEN

Welcome to the 2022 Baseball season.  Please fill out the following registration information to sign-up your child for their jersey fittings, as well as your payment options for the 2022 season.

2022 Player Evaluations - Late Registration

We have room for additional players for the upcoming season, and have schedule another tryout date for January 23rd at P5 sports.  If your child is still interested in signing up for Baseball, and missed out on fall tryouts, this will be your last chance to get registered.  Sign up at 2022 Baseball Tryouts

Coon Rapids Baseball Winter Training

Winter Training is Coming!  

We are excited to announce our upcoming winter training plans.  Based on your feedback, we will be providing 2 separate trainings, one for hitting and pitching, and one for arm strength and fielding.  Each of these training sessions will be run with professional coaches this year, based on the requests we saw in your surveys. 

Hitting/Pitching training sessions will be held on Sunday nights from 6pm-8pm at P5 Sports, running from Jan 2 through February 20th.  The cost for this training is $250 per player.  

Arm Strength/Fielding training will be at the National Sports Center and run Wednesday nights from 7pm-8pm, Jan 5th through February 23rd.  The cost for this training is $150 per player.  

We have separated out these two training sessions to provide players with the training opportunities that can most impact their growth for the coming season.  Players are open to sign up for one training group or both. 

The cost of these sessions is to help pay for our professional coaches and training facilities.    

2021 Winter Training - Hitting & Pitching Signup

Register for Hitting and Pitching Training Here.

2021 Winter Training - Arm Strength and Fielding

Register for Arm Strength and Fielding Training Here.


As we continue to grow, we would like to build a new digital photo wall to help celebrate all the great players from Coon Rapids Baseball, both past, and present!  

If you have any photos from the previous seasons, team activities, or just Coon Rapids Baseball photos in general, please get them over to us!  You can either e-mail photos to us OR tag us on Facebook or Instagram! 

We are so excited to begin showing the pride we have for our teams and our city, and it all starts with you!

Adding Photos?

If you have any pictures that you would like posted please email Coon Rapids Baseball.  Please provide a description.


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